New Top-Mount Smart Valve Positioner Provides Improved Flow Control, Greater Shutoff Force

January 5, 2016--MILWAUKEE, Wis. – Badger Meter is excited to introduce its new Research Control® SRD991 top-mount valve positioner which pushes the limits of process control and optimization. The new valve positioner mounts directly to the top of a control valve with a rugged linear potentiometer.

While most valve positioners are side-mounted, the new top-mounted SRD991 uses a linear connection, which mitigates hysteresis between the positioner and actuator by feeding back the actual position of a valve actuator ─ faster, more accurate and more consistent than ever before. This provides significantly improved flow control.

Top-mount valve positioners should be used when the application calls for high positioning accuracy or when greater force is required over the standard actuator, such as in the case of high shutoff pressures or excess packing friction. The SRD991 top-mount positioner is available with several valuable features including a LCD screen, protocols (HART, PROFIBUS-PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1) and two levels of diagnostics. All the diagnostics settings can be easily configured and displayed by the positioner Device Type Manager (DTM). Moreover, the Positioner DTM enables a complete health report of the valve with full configuration and diagnostics data. The simple installation and setup of the SRD991 positioner allows an easy upgrade of any BLRA pneumatic positioner.

Features include:

Graphical LCD display
Easy to operate
Multilingual full-text menu
Local parameter configuration
Real-time status and diagnostic messages
Advanced diagnostics
Predictive valve maintenance
Valve signatures
Online friction
Partial stroke test (PST) for emergency shutdown applications
Network protocols & connectivity
HART Protocol with only 420 Ohms load
PROFIBUS-PA acc. to IEC 1158-2 based on FISCO
FOUNDATION Fieldbus H1 acc. to IEC 1158-2 based on FISCO with PID, AO, 2xDI, DO function blocks and LAS functionality

For more information visit https://www.badgermeter.com/technologies/valves/srd-sri-valve-positioners/. 



Source: https://www.badgermeter.com/articles/new-top-mount-smart-valve-positioner-provides-improved-flow-control-greater-shutoff-force/


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