Siemens introduces SITRANS LH100 submersible pressure transmitter

  • Slim and robust
  • Applicable for harsh environments

Siemens introduces the SITRANS LH100 submersible level transducer for use in hydrostatic level applications. The pressure transmitter measures the liquid levels in tanks, containers, channels and dams, mostly used within drinking and waste water applications. 

The SITRANS LH100 offers 0.3% accuracy and is available for various measuring ranges and comes with an intrinsic safety option.  A junction box and cable hanger are available as accessories for simple installation.

Slim and robust, 0.92 diameter, a ceramic sensor makes mounting possible in pipes with one-inch inside diameter, and immune to harsh environmental conditions. A humidity filter integrated into the connecting cable offers easy and safe installation. The housing is made of stainless steel 316L.

Further information on the SITRANS LH100, visit http://sie.ag/1r52RYg


Source: http://news.usa.siemens.biz/press-release/industry-automation/siemens-introduces-sitrans-lh100-submersible-

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